49th International Graphic Humour Exhibition, ‘Umoristi A Marostica’

Marostica – the picturesque, medieval northern Italian town in the province of Vicenza in the Veneto region – is known for its ‘live chess’ festival. Every two years when the paving in the town’s square, Piazza del Castello marks out a life size chess board, where the games are enacted by humans as the chess pieces. The event dates back to 1454.

Every two years Marostica also hosts the International Graphic Humour Exhibition. The 49th edition occured last summer. The theme was ‘kindness’ and included one of Chicane’s interpretations, which featured in the official festival video.

Steps to Kindness cartoon by Chicane
49th International Graphic Humour Exhibition, 'Umoristi A Marostica' Catalogue Page

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