Chicane in 1964 Magazine

NASA space junk cartoon by Chicane
1964 Mountain Culture Aotearoa Cover
1964 Mountain Culture Aotearoa Page

‘1964 mountain culture / aotearoa’ is a quarterly print and digital magazine based in Wanaka, at the bottom of New Zealand’s South Island. It is named for the year the Mount Aspiring National Park was opened and was founded by Laura Williamson and Nathan Weathington.

Nathan contacted me last month requesting permission to use my NASA space debris toon (which previously appeared in The Southland Times in 2011) for an article written by Laura, entitled ‘The truth is up there – a brief history of space junk in and above Aotearoa’ in the magazine’s spring edition… a copy of which arrived in my London mailbox this week. It’s an impressive publication.

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