Jacinda Ardern shares a Chicane cartoon

In 2017 when Jacinda Ardern first became Prime Minister of New Zealand, she brought Paddles the polydactyl cat with her. As First Cat of New Zealand Paddles had her own Twitter account and quickly became a media sensation, even meowing displeasure at Donald Trump during a phone call.

Chicane celebrated by cartooning the “Prime Moggie” for The Southland Times in New Zealand.

However, a month later Paddles died after being hit by a passing car. Ms Adern responded to the outpouring of sadness by posting Chicane’s cartoon on her official Facebook and Instagram accounts.

I sent Jacinda the original cartoon and she kindly responded with a handwritten thank you note telling me the artwork now resides in her games room.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern shares Chicane's Paddles Cartoon on Facebook

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